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"Gallipoli War is different. It possesses a distinct spirit, a unique brotherhood, a separate enchantment. Deep within, there are many intriguing things concealed. These mysteries, although rare, are sometimes open to discovery. For the one who uncovers them, a door to another world is opened."

This novel, which can be read in one breath, takes place in the present day. A historian living in Australia discovers an unsent century-old letter in a trench while researching the Gallipoli War. The letter, written by an Anzac soldier to his family, speaks of a mysterious treasure. The historian embarks on a journey to decipher the codes in the letter, analyze the intriguing events that took place during the Gallipoli War, and escape unexpected dangers that pursue them. The treasure is unexpectedly mysterious, profound, and valuable.

why should i read?

...because the adventure genre novel encompasses a rich blend of history, mystery, suspense, love, intrigue, betrayal, turmoil, and question marks.

...because the novel unveils the deepest secrets of one of the most extraordinary wars in world history, with these secrets extending up to the present day.


...because the novel combines the mysteries and enchantment of Gallipoli with a captivating adventure, immersing readers in a whole new world and keeping them there until the end. It particularly resonates with the hearts of Turks and Anzacs.


...because the plot of the novel, thanks to its mysterious atmosphere, draws the reader into the story along with the question marks that arise in their mind, and then provides surprising answers that bring both intellectual and emotional satisfaction.


...because the language of the novel is unique in itself. The pages are read quickly and with pleasure, leaving the reader eager for what comes next. The flow of the novel is supported by various figures of speech and wordplay. The sincerity of expressions and the novel's original approach to language usage make it intriguing and different.

Peninsula of Mysters - novel composition

music & piano: Burak Özcan

peninsula of secrets
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reader comments

...because the author, Burak Özcan, skillfully incorporates vivid analogies like the one mentioned, which adds depth and excitement to the narrative. These comparisons resonate with readers and showcase the author's talent.

...because the story is filled with gripping suspense and can be read in one breath. As a native of Gelibolu, I felt proud while reading it. Moreover, I haven't come across a novel that portrays the Gallipoli Wars in such a beautiful manner. Additionally, the story takes place in the present day, making it even more relatable.


...because while reading the book, I felt a strong urge to visit Gelibolu myself. And so, I did. I passed by the places and locations mentioned in the novel, imagining the characters there. Later, I sat on Conk Bayırı (Conk Hill) and reread a few chapters of the book. It's a thrilling, captivating, and enjoyable adventure that evokes the essence of Gelibolu. Burak Özcan's future books are eagerly anticipated.

Gallipoli Peninsula of Secrets - novel places


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To everyone who made the Gallipoli War special and mysterious, who contributed to attributing profound meanings to the wars, and who transformed these brutal battles into a symbol of brotherhood and solidarity,

To the Anzacs, the Turkish soldiers (Mehmetçik), Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and the spirit of Gallipoli,

To my family, who ensured that "Gelibolu" is written on the backside of my identity,

To Erden Sidal, Alp Arslan, Gökçe Bayındır Goularas, Gaye Hanım, and Batı Bey, who provided great support during the production process of the novel,


I extend my infinite gratitude.

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