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I was born in Istanbul in 1979 as the only child of a doctor father and a chemical engineer mother. I attended Galatasaray High School, where I learned about life. I graduated from the International Trade Department of Boğaziçi University. I also had a student exchange program at Victoria University in Australia for a period. I pursued a master's degree in international marketing at Université de Perpignan in the city of Perpignan, France, which polished my educational background. Since 2004, I have been working in different sectors, with different dynamics, but always centered around marketing.

In my professional career, which started at Vinimed, a wine company in France, I worked as a product manager in the tractor industry at Uzel Makine. Later on, I founded our family company Bogisa, which is engaged in agricultural production. Alongside innovative agricultural activities, I introduced and promoted the world's first cold artichoke tea to a wide audience. During the development phase of my career, I held positions such as brand and business development manager at Checkpoint, commercial marketing manager at Banvit, and sales and marketing manager for commercial areas at Sinpaş GYO. In my current role as the Marketing Director of the Cantek group of companies, I have established and managed the marketing infrastructure to introduce our food storage and processing facilities to the global market.

Throughout my professional life, I have developed projects to increase brand value, sales, market share, and profitability in the organizations I have worked for. I have engaged in communication activities in various countries, developed different sales channels, business systems, and company policies, and conducted innovative work in sales, marketing, and business development. I have established and managed units and teams. I have gained significant experience in global B2B marketing and started shaping my own doctrines. As a result, I also provide various marketing consultations.

Furthermore, I have been engaged in writing as a result of the literary production enthusiasm that has been building up in me since I first encountered the pen. I have two published novels in the adventure genre, titled "Soğuk Lodos" and "Gelibolu Sırlar Yarımadası". For me, it is impossible to stop writing. I am slowly preparing my other novels as well.

Sports play an important role in my life. I engage in snowboarding, squash, kickboxing, and football. In addition, I play the piano, perform in bands, compose and release songs. Mind games, travel, and motorcycles are among my favorite hobbies. I have a strong interest in strategy and mathematics, and I create content related to word games. I speak and write French, English, Spanish, and German. I am married and through my 2 children, I practice the art of fatherhood, which is more exhausting than my entire professional life.

My greatest motivation in life is to create something and witness the success that comes with it. Therefore, innovation, creativity, system development, and productivity are the most sacred values for me.

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