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adventure novel - 2014

adventure novel - 2017

how i became a writer?

"An imposing leaf perched on the top of the majestic plane tree in Baby Park was flirting with my pupils. It seemed like it wanted to communicate with me. Along with the spirited wind of the Bosphorus, it made gestures and expressions towards me before suddenly detaching from its stem. Like a champion figure skater, it glided towards me with agility. It struck the right side of my face with a magnificence akin to an Ottoman slap, without even giving me a chance to assume a defensive position. The beating felt like a message to me..."

In May 2012, after a breakfast event, I was aimlessly spending time in Baby Park as I was heading back home. Observing the details around me accompanied by hazy thoughts, I personally experienced the passage above, which is included in my novel titled "Cold Lodos". I felt the need to do something. At that moment, it was not my brain but my spine that took control of my body. Purely out of reflex, I turned towards the laptop resting next to me on the bench. The time had come for the accumulation of years, eagerly waiting to emerge, to finally find its expression. Microsoft Word, which I had used for various purposes, had now found its rightful use.


I believe that luck plays a significant role in personal development. The presence of my laptop, which I had with me for completely different reasons and was fully charged, opened up a new chapter in my life. I met that elusive first sentence of my writing, which I had come close to many times but could never put into words, with the screen in front of me in 2012.


That grand leaf had managed to spur me into action. On that day, I wrote incessantly for ten hours in different corners of Bebek. I finally surrendered myself to my nature, allowing the flow of words to play. Since that day, I have written three novels and one marketing book. Additionally, I have a social media platform where I play with words."

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