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B2B Marketing Guru & Author


I was born in Istanbul in 1979. I am a Gelibolu native who has been living in Istanbul and Antalya for the past 5 years. I completed my academic education at Galatasaray High School, Boğaziçi University International, and obtained a master's degree in marketing from France. Life led me to pursue a career in my favorite field, marketing. With 20 years of experience in various companies and sectors, I have reached an expert level in marketing.

In addition to that, since the day I first encountered a pen, I have had an overflowing passion for literary creation, and I started my writing career in 2012. I wrote and published the novels "Soğuk Lodos" and "Gelibolu Sırlar Yarımadası." I also work as a writer and content creator on various e-platforms.


Playing with words, mind games, playing the piano, composing music, snowboarding, and exploring new places are elements that bring joy to my life. I speak and write English, French, Spanish, and German. I take every step with the motivation to create, to bring something new, different, and useful into the world.


short introduction to B2B marketing


60% of the Fortune 500 companies are composed of B2B firms. However, only 7% of books with "marketing" in their title discuss B2B marketing. The reason behind this is the misconceptions within B2B firms, and one of the main misconceptions is the tendency to equate marketing with sales.

While trying to survive the day with a sales-oriented approach, the foundation for generating future sales cannot be built. The second major misconception in B2B is the belief that product quality and price are sufficient. Even in the most industrial sectors, there is always a valid truth behind sales. The underlying impulse behind every sale is emotions. Factors such as interest, belief, and trust drive us to make a purchase. Although achieving this combination is challenging in the B2B field, just like in B2C, it is highly possible with the right product mix, proper market analysis, and effective communication. In other words, it requires a strong marketing infrastructure.

pazarlama canavarı_edited.png

MARKETING MONSTER (Pazarlama Canavarı)

The success of a company has always been directly proportional to the value it places on marketing. Marketing builds the future of a brand. It invests today for the sustainable sales of tomorrow. Comparing marketing to sales is one of the biggest mistakes a brand can make. In a shoe store, a salesperson may complete the transaction with a customer, but it is marketing's job to bring that customer through the store's door. And this process requires a comprehensive and strategic approach. Sometimes, it is necessary to become a monster in the marketplace.

Cold Southwestern (Soğuk Lodos)

"Cold Southwestern" blowing from Istanbul to Paris, Moscow to Çanakkale, swept me into the relentless battle of giant corporations on one hand and the reckoning of people with each other and their pasts on the other. While enjoying the successes of my academic career and professional life, I suddenly found myself as the main protagonist in an adventure entangled with the police, mafia, killers, spies, bribes, large sums of money, deceitful emotions, and intrigues. Moreover, the secrets of my forgotten past clung to me as part of this adventure. And I learned that the past is never truly left behind but always remains a part of us."

Bora (main character of the novel)

uniboard 2 400x420_edited_edited.jpg

As a historian living in Australia, while conducting research on the Gallipoli Campaign, I discovered a century-old letter that had been left unsent in a trench. The letter, written by an Anzac soldier to his family, mentioned a mysterious treasure. By deciphering the codes in the letter one by one, I embarked on an adventure where I analyzed intriguing events that took place during the Gallipoli Campaign and had to escape unexpected troubles on my tail. I realized that the treasure was far more mysterious, profound, and valuable than anticipated.

Lidya (main character of the novel)

Gallipoli Peninsula of Secrets (Gelibolu Sırlar Yarımadası)

My music world

The best answer to the question "What is the summary of your life?" would be a music album. I have been translating the emotions left by significant events in my life into musical notes for many years. After I met the piano at the age of 9, I have had numerous musical compositions. The most valuable ones among them are the compositions that summarize my life.

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