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"The typical wind of the Bosphorus, the harsh and striking lodos, makes life difficult but blows warmly. If lodos starts blowing cold, then it becomes a nightmare for everyone in its path."

Blowing from Istanbul to Paris, from Moscow to Çanakkale, the Cold Lodos swept me towards the relentless battles of giant corporations on one hand, and the confrontations between people and their pasts on the other. While I was happily living my academic career and professional life, I suddenly found myself as the main protagonist in an adventure entangled with the police, mafia, killers, spies, bribes, large sums of money, fraudulent emotions, and intrigues. Moreover, the secrets of my forgotten past also caught up with me as part of this adventure, refusing to be forgotten.

why should i read?

...because the novel in the adventure genre encompasses elements of suspense, crime, love, intrigue, betrayal, and question marks.

...because the novel takes place in a magical and mysterious atmosphere created by the Istanbul Bosphorus and its accompanying elements that contribute to its beauty. It presents the passion for Istanbul blended with an exciting and intriguing adventure that arouses excitement and curiosity in readers.


...because the plot of the novel, with its mysterious atmosphere, pulls the reader into the story along with the questions forming in their minds, and then provides surprising answers that offer both intellectual and emotional satisfaction.


...because the language of the novel is fluent, dynamic, affectionate, and friendly. It can be read quickly and with pleasure, leaving the reader curious about the next page. The flow of the novel is supported by various figures of speech and wordplay. The expressions are simple and sincere, yet there are occasional statements that invite deeper interpretations. The unique approach to the use of words makes the novel interesting and different in terms of storytelling.

Cold Lodos - novel composition

music & piano: Burak Özcan

cold lodos
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reader comments

"Burak Özcan makes an exciting start to his writing career. The words are exciting in their own right, and the events are equally thrilling... It's difficult for a writer not to lose control in the midst of such excitement, but Burak has managed to achieve it. I wish my first novel was like this. Read it, and you'll understand what I mean!" - Tuna Kiremitçi

"When we read an adventure-crime novel, we look for a compelling pace, elements that keep our curiosity alive, and a surprising plot. Furthermore, we seek a language that resonates with us, characters we can identify with, and familiar settings. All of these can be found in Cold Lodos. Moreover, Cold Lodos is our novel: it's a Turkish novel set in Istanbul and filled with the popular culture of our time." - Aytek Sever

"You can't put this book down; I experienced it myself. Your storytelling is very impactful. Your style is so realistic that it feels like having an enjoyable conversation. It's in a style that I love, both literary and intimate, establishing an immediate connection. It's as if I am the protagonist of the book. The subtle humor beneath the verses reminds me of pleasant conversations, leaving a smile. It's a uniquely crafted and cleverly written novel, in a completely different flavor." - Arda Erdem

Cold Lodos - novel places


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To Io, the mythological hero who contributed to the existence of Istanbul, and to King Byzas; to Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who ensured its ownership, and to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who secured it for us,


To the grand leaf of the majestic plane tree that gave me the power to transfer the words that couldn't fit in my mind onto the computer screen;


To the harmonious chaos of the Bebek neighborhood; to the waves, currents, and winds that are fragments of the mesmerizing beauty of the Bosphorus...


To Erden Sidal, Alp Arslan, Aytek Sever, and Özgür Altun, who have made significant contributions to Cold Lodos,

Infinite thanks...

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